Protecting Yourself for the Game of Cricket

Cricket can be a relaxing game played at a leisurely pace; enjoyable to watch from the sides or to be out on the field for hours at a time. However, there are inherent dangers related to the sport and if you are batting, bowling or fielding you have to be wearing the correct cricket protective equipment for your needs. There are a range of body protective accessories for you to choose from, so let’s take a look at the options that will keep you safe from harm when playing cricket, in whatever position.

Cricket Boots – Although technically these wouldn’t fall under the protection category, cricket boots are best bought with enough cushion to support you as you’re facing a fastball from a bowler.

Cricket Pads – Obviously the aim as a batsman is to not get hit on the pads, but without them you wouldn’t have the confidence to stand in the line of the ball and hit your stroke comfortably. Cricket pads should not be restrictive as you need to run easily in them, but you do need them to protect your legs ultimately.

Thigh Pads – Worn on the inside of trousers, not everyone chooses to wear thigh pads as if you are hit in that area of the body by a cricket ball the flesh will take the blow better than your shins. However, they are likely to significantly soften the blow.

Box – There isn’t too much need to explain the virtues of a box. It protects your nether regions. Vitally important when you are facing a Yorker or other fast paced cricket ball!

Chest Guard – A chest guard can protect what is quite a vulnerable area. You can negate the impact of a cricket ball to the chest through good technique but it always pays to be as protected as you possibly can when out on the field of play.

Arm Guard – Those batsmen at the top of the order are less likely to favour wearing arm guards as they can be slightly limiting when attempting certain shots, despite the level of protection offered. Those less skilled batsmen at the bottom of the order are more likely to seek that extra level of protection.

Cricket Gloves – Batting gloves are available for both right and left handed people and should be chosen mainly for their level of comfort. You want it to be fairly tight to provide the correct level of protection without losing accuracy.

Helmet – It is now compulsory in junior cricket that all those batting wear a cricket helmet, and rightly so. You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting yourself from head injuries and finding the right cricket helmet for you is a vital component of your safety.

Buying the right cricket protective gear is important to your safety when you are out on the field of play. There are reputable cricket suppliers around who can offer advice, guidance and quality products. Stay safe, and enjoy the game!