Many People Still Consider Rummy a Game of Luck. How True is their Belief?

Rummy game has been around for a couple of centuries now. People across the world have been relishing the game with great zeal. It is an excellent means of entertainment for people of all ages. It also encourages social bonding among the masses, and forms an essential ritual in social gatherings. There are umpteen reasons behind the tremendous popularity of the game, and one of them is that it is a brain game. However, almost everything in this world, howsoever good it might be, has its share of critics. When we talk about the age old card game rummy, there are two schools of thought about it too. While most people know and understand that it is a game of skills, there are others who think that it is a game of luck. What is the truth?

A game can be either a game of luck or a game of skills. A game of luck is governed by sheer destiny and the players have no control over it, as a matter of fact, no role at all to play except waiting for the outcome of their fate. Some examples of games based on chance or luck include slot machines, baccarat, craps, roulette, keno, lottery, scratch tickets, and bingo. On the other hand, a game of skills is deemed so because players have to make use of their talent to beat their rivals in the game and win it. In order to play the game of rummy with élan, certain vital skills are required. This fact explains that the belief that classic rummy is a game of luck is quite untrue or mistaken. We are going to shed more light on the reasons why rummy is a game of skills in the subsequent paragraphs.

Before we enlighten you with the finer nuances of Indian rummy that make it a game of skills, let us know a bit about the game itself. It is a card game that makes use of a standard deck of 52 cards and two joker cards. 13 cards are dealt to each player. The players have to meld these cards into valid sequences and sets. Joker cards spice up the game as they can be used to replace any card to form combinations. However, the rules of the game demand at least two sequences, and one of them must be pure i.e. formed without the use of jokers. The one who successfully forms appropriate runs and sets first of all is the winner. This makes it pretty obvious that players have to put in efforts to achieve the task. These endeavours require certain skills that involve intensive exercise of the brain.

  • Grasping ability to understand the rules, tips, tricks and strategies of the game.
  • The prowess to practically implement the mathematical principles of permutations, combinations and probability. Runs and sets are examples of combinations and permutations. Probability comes handy when you want to calculate your prospects of getting the desired cards.
  • Keen observation and analytical ability in order to closely watch the cards picked and discarded by the other players. This is essential to know what cards they might require, so that you don’t inadvertently drop the cards needed by them. The aim is to inhibit their progress, because the number of turns taken to accomplish the goal is of paramount significance.
  • Good memory to retain all the observed information and make use of it. In fact, with each turn of yours or others, the previous data has to be updated.
  • Focus, so that you don’t get distracted from your aim. You cannot afford to waste any turn.
  • The quality of properly examining the situation and pondering over the pros and cons of your steps before actually proceeding with them. This also requires patience on your part.
  • Being a quick decision maker, for you have a very limited time at your disposal to plan and carry out your moves. The game, especially its online version treads at a fast pace.
  • A competitive spirit to steer ahead of your rivals and turn the game in your favour.

The various crucial aspects of classic rummy cited above make it apparent that you have to rack your brains hard to play it. The final outcome of the game depends on you how good you are at manoeuvring it. This is in clear contrast with games of luck in which the players are mute spectators and just keep waiting for the result with their fingers crossed!

In a Nutshell

There are perceived fallacies about a lot of things in this world. Traditional card game rummy happens to be one of such things. However, reason can clear the mist of ignorance and help people look at the thing through the lens of logic. Now that we have cited numerous reasons that make this highly entertaining and interesting game a skill game, it can be safely concluded that the notion that classic rummy is a game of luck is misguided. Give it a try and you would automatically realize how it makes you exercise your brain and memory and the outcome depends on your efforts and not on luck!